Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Chitau Pitha (coconut dosa)

500 gm rice  (soaked in water for 3-4 hrs)
2 tblsp white urad dal (soaked in water)
1 medium size coconut grated
½ tsp baking powder
2-3 tblsp sugar
Oil/ ghee
Salt to taste
 Wash the rice & urad dal properly, drain all the water  and add grated coconut to it.
Grind them & make a smooth batter. Add sugar, baking powder and salt to it and Whip the batter properly & keep aside for 4-5 hrs for fermentation.
Heat the tawa. Apply little bit ghee/oil . Pour 1 laddle full of batter and spread to give it the shape of a dosa. Cover the lead for 2-3 min & cook it on low-medium  flame. Open the lid .Put 1 tsp oil on the top & sides of the pitha. cook for another 1 min &  take out the pitha.
Serve hot with chutney/ samber/ dalma or with any type of curry.

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Chandrani Banerjee said...

Lovely dosa..

Pranati Nath said...

thanks dear..

Amit Pattnaik said...

Mo dwara eyi chakuli types ra sabu pitha kebe bi huyeni thik se :(' Mo batter may be thik consistency ra hei nathaye ki kana kejani, spread karila bele kanaa kanaa rahijaye :D and jebe besi care nebaku try kariki halka bhabe bowl re press kariki spread kare, mota rahijaye :(

Pranati Nath said...

sabubele brir kam daba chaula adika daba....aau ana taku 7/8hr rakhidaba.... tahale pitha badhiya habaa aau uthiba b..:)

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