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Gurubar Vrat Katha for SAI BABA

Its my Immese pleasure to Share the Gurubar Vrat Katha for SAI BABA. This is a greater blessing than any pooja in this world. Sai himself has said reading his life, his leelas and living with faith and patience will take devotees very close to him.
The credit for below pooja goes to the person who created it by saibabas blessings and the person who contributed it .

Story behind the sai vrat pooja :

Kokilaben and her husband Maheshbhai used to live in a big city and they had lots of love for each other. But Maheshbhai’s nature was very annoying and he had no sense of talking. Neighbors were also very much frustrated by his this kind of nature. Kokilaben had lots of faith in GOD and she was very religious.She was tolerating all her problems silently having lots of faith in GOD that GOD will make everything all right one day. But because of Maheshbhai’s nature, their business went down gradually and there was not enough income. He started staying at home all day and his nature become worst. It was an afternoon. One old saint came to Kokilaben’s door. There was enormous light on his face. And he asked for rice and dal (lentils). Kokilaben gave him rice and dal and she folded her both hands and said “namste” (greetings).Saint replied “SAI will always keep you happy.” Kokilaben said “There is no happiness in my life” and she told all her problems to the saint.
After listening to all her problems, Saint told her about
Saint told as follows about the Vrat.
· This Vrath can be started from any Thursday by uttering SAI BABA’s name.
· This Vrath has to be continued for 9 Thursdays.
· Any male, female or child can do this Vrat.
· On these Nine Thursday, individual who is doing vrat can eat fruit/milk/sweets etc. all day long or can have one meal a day. ONE MUST NOT DO THIS VRAT WITHOUT EATING ANYTHING.
· If possible, go to SAI BABA’s temple to have SAIBABA’s darshan on these Nine Thursday.
· At home, do pooja / prayer of SAI BABA as follows.
· In the morning or in the evening, do the pooja as mentioned below.
· Put Yellow Cloth in front of you and place SAI BABA’s Photo or Statue on this cloth.
· Light lamp (diya) in front of BABA’s picture.
· Wash or wipe BABA’s picture with clean water and cloth.
· Put “tikka (Bindi on the forehead)” with “kumkum” (red powder) on BABA’s face.
· Offer Yellow Flower to BABA.
· Offer Fruit or Sweets to BABA as Naivadhya (Prasad)
· Read this SAI story and Read / Sing SAIBABA’s Aarti after finishing Pooja and reading story.
· Tell BABA why you are doing this Vrat and ask him to fulfill your wish.
· Give Prasad to all your friends and family members and you also eat it some.
· If, because of any reason, you cannot do vrat on any Thursday, skip that Thursday and continue from the next Thursday.
· If female is doing this Vrat, skip the Thursday during Menstrual Cycle period.
· On the 9th Thursday, Celebrate SAI VRAT. In this celebration process, feed 5 poor people and distribute this SAI VRAT book among people. One can give 5, 11 or 21 etc.
You will get the rewards in no time, when you do this Vrath. May sai bless you with all his grace to do this vrat properly and answer your prayers :

In this Kali Age (Kaliyug), this vrat is very effective. This vrat will give desired fruit to doer but doer must have full faith and patience. Whoever will distribute this SAI VRAT book among people and make good name of SAI and this Vrat, their all wishes will be fulfilled.

After listening about this SAI VRAT from Saint, Kokilaben also decided to do this vrat. She started Vrat from the Thursday. And she finished 8 Guruwars with full faith. On the 9th Guruwar, she fed poor people and distributed SAI VRAT books among friends and relatives.
As soon as she finished the Vrat, all the quarrels vanished from her house. Prosperity, happiness and peace spread in her home. Maheshbhai’s nature was changed completely. Their business started doing well. And in no time, they got all the happiness and prosperity.
Both husband and wife started living happily. One day Kokilaben’s sister-in-law and brother-in-law came from Surat. Her sister-in-law was talking with Kokilaben. The former said that her kids were not studying and getting failed in exams. Kokilaben told her about SAI VRAT. She said “SAI devotion will make education better. Have faith in SAI BABA. HE helps everyone.” Kokilaben’s sister-in-law asked the detail of the vrat.
Kokilaben told about the SAI VRAT in detail. And explained her everything about the vrat. Her sister-in-law went to Surat and she sent a letter after few days. She wrote that her children have started doing SAI VRAT and now they are studying very well. She also did Vrat and distributed SAI VRAT book in her office. One of her friend, who had very hard time in getting married, got married to a very nice man after started doing SAI VRAT. Her neighbor has also started doing SAI VRAT and she got her stolen jewelry box back. It was a great miracle.

The following doubts which i wanna clarify here
1. What kind of food i can have ? How many times. etc etc.
Answer is first of all sai is a saint who never wants his devotees to be fully empty stomach. Some how this pooja became famous and many go to extent of not eating anything. Please have any vegetarian food as many times as you want....your wish. the matter to consider is dont eat FULL. Make sure you have a feeling of sai in you n u are doing a vrat. Thats it.

2. How to do udyapan.
People who do this pooja for 9 weeks are asked to distribute such books to 9 devotees and also give annadhan. Fine do it if you can. If not its ok. You can send  soft copy of sai vrat book . dont worry if you cant get books or dont be in hunger. Do the pooja as you feel comfortable but only devotedly pray sai and show your devotion on saibaba with simplicity. That will do.
Saibaba devotees living abroad and those who are not able to give food , can give some sweets to your friends or childrens near by. If possible send money to your relatives in india or request them provide food to poor people sitting outside temple or generally distribute sweets to devotees in any temple.Its better to make childrens happy by giving them any toys, books sweets etc. The point is you are inlving yourself in a good deed.
· All wishes will be fulfilled by doing this vrat.
Dear shirdi sai baba , as you have blessed these people, please bless all of us too. 

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