Friday, 15 June 2012

Suji Kakara (ରଜ ପାଇଁ କାକରା ପିଠା) Raja special...

Suji Kakara with bhaja pura

KAKARA a  deep fried  traditional sweet cake from Orissa and is delicious...These kakaras  are one of my favourite ...I love them ,even now also if I go to my Moms place she will prepare this dish for me .In my school days I used to have them on shiv ratri, dashahra, raja & some other festivals too . 

Finally after a long time I gathered enough courage to prepare this dish all by myself. I called  my MOM  & asked the recipe...These were on my mind for couple of weeks and today I could not resist  , as today is  1st  day of Raja .... so  tried this for the first time and it did taste good.
So friends here is the recipe..:)


Suji (rawa ) -2 cups (u can add jaggery instead of sugar, believe me the taste will be doubled)
Water 4 cups
Sugar -1 ½  cup ( u can adjust sugar according to your taste)
cardamom- 5 pcs ( make powder)
Shredded fresh coconut- half a coconut
Freshly Grounded Black pepper- 1tsp
Chenna (soft paneer) -50 gms (optional)
Refined Oil- for frying
Salt - a pinch

In a frying pan, mix properly the shredded coconut, half of Sugar, black pepper powd.  and cardamom powder and then roast it for 5-7 minutes , Dont fry the coconut too much  then add the soft panner & mix well . remove from flame and  keep them aside.

Boil about  4 cups of water (double the amount of rawa))& add sugar, a pinch of salt to it. When  sugar dissolves, Add Rawa to it. Mix  them  fast to avoid any  lumps. Stir it Keep it on the flame for 2 min. Remove from flame and keep aside.

Let the dough cools down to room temperature.
Then apply ltl oil in your palms. Kneed the dough till it becomes soft.

Make small small balls from the dough & flatten them using your palms , 

Make  a deep depression in between ( make it like a cup) using your fingers  & put  the coconut stuffing. 

Then Close it form all sides .Make the above balls into flat shape  with the help of  your palms.

Heat oil in a frying pan . When hot, drop these stuffed balls one by one 

& fry in a lower flame till they  turns golden brown from each side.

 Kakara pitha is ready and serve it hot or cool anyway u like it.

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simran said...

wow..these look tasty!really nice.

Recipe World said...

Kakara pitha looks yummy. Never tasted it. Thank u for sharing. :)

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U have a lovely space and I am your new follower. Do visit my site when you get time :)

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