Monday, 10 December 2012

Smelt fish masala curry


250 gm smelt fish
3-4 tblsp mustard oil for frying the fish & to make the curry
1 tsp turmeric powder/ haldi
1 tsp chili powder
salt as per the taste
Potatoes – 2 medium size (cut lengthwise) (Optional)
Onion- 1 big size chopped
Tomatoes -1 medium sliced
Ginger garlic paste- 1tblsp
Coriander-Cumin seeds powder- 1tsp each
1 tsp red chilly powder
2 bay leafs/ 2 green cardamons
Suagar- ½ tsp
Garam  masala- 1 tsp
Chopped coriander leaves- 1tblsp


Wash & clean the  fishes by removing the gall bladder  to avoid bitter taste.
Add ½ tsp haldi powder and salt to it & mix well. keep aside.

Heat  2 tblsp Mustard Oil in a pan & fry the fishes till golden brown . keep aside.

Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a pan and lightly fry the potatoes for 5 mins. Keep aside.
Heat 1-2 tblsp oil in the same pan and add ½ tsp sugar to the oil.  When the sugar turns to golden brown colour in oil, add bay leafs, cardamons, then add chopped onions, cook till golden brown. Add ½ tsp haldi & red chilli powder.
Add the Ginger garlic paste and stir well for 1-2 min. Add tomatoes and cook till masala is well done. Add potatoes. Mix well, add ½  cup of water, stir well and let it boil & cover the lid & cook in medium flame for 5 min . Add the fish pieces. Cook for another 2-3 min. Sprinkle garam masala. Stir well. Switch off the flame. Garnish with coriander leaves. Serve hot with steamed Rice.

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this looks so much like the curry recipe. looks comforting.

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