Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Suji Kakara Pitha (Odisha Special)


Suji (rawa ) -2 cups 
Water 4 cups
Sugar -1 ½  cup ( u can adjust sugar according to your taste)
cardamom- 5 pcs ( make powder)
Shredded fresh coconut- half a coconut
Freshly Grounded Black pepper- 1tsp
Refined Oil- for frying
Salt - a pinch


  • In a bowl, mix properly the shredded coconut, half of Sugar, black pepper pwd.  and cardamom powder and mix well .Keep them aside.
  • Boil about  4 cups of water (double the amount of rawa))& add sugar, a pinch of salt to it. When  sugar dissolves, Add Rawa to it. Mix  them  fast to avoid any  lumps. Stir it Keep it on the flame for 2 min. Remove from flame and keep aside.
  • Let the dough cools down to room temperature. Then apply ltl oil in your palms. Kneed the dough till it becomes soft.
  • Make small small balls from the dough & flatten them using your palms , 
  • Make  a deep depression in between ( make it like a cup) using your fingers  & put  the coconut stuffing. 
  • Then Close it form all sides .Make the above balls into flat shape  with the help of  your palms.
  • Heat oil in a frying pan . When hot, drop these stuffed balls one by one & fry in a lower flame till they  turns golden brown from each side.
  •  Kakara pitha is ready and serve it hot or cool anyway u like it.

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Swathi Iyer said...

Looks delicious treat, I love anything with coconut filling

Dhiraj Kumar said...

Wonderful Recipe. Pretty much ideal .. Thanks for sharing...
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karanjeetagarwal said...

Thanks for giving a detailed view on this popular Odia dish. For the first time I've taken it in my childhood and till now I'm having this delicious food in a regular basis. There are two variants of suji kakara pithas are normally available, pone is with sugar another one is without sugar. I've lots of non-Odiya friends and when I take this pitha to my hostel, everyone demands for more. Now you can guess how much tasty this pitha is if you have not tasted before. Not only this one, there are many other sweet dishes that are available to tangle the taste buds of the visitors from other states or countries.
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