Saturday, 28 May 2011

Kakara Pitha କାକରା ପିଠା (odisha tangi famous)


200gm  refinedFlour 
 2 cup Jaggery/sugar
1 grated Coconut 
1 teaspoon Black peeper
Refine oil
Illaichi powder- 1tsp
½ cup Kaju kismis fried


 Grate the coconut. Mix illaichi powder, black peepe, jaggery and fry it for 3-5 minutes.switch off the flame. Add Kaju & kismis. stuffing is ready.
Take a kadai. Add 2-3 cups of water. Add sugar, illaichi powder and pinch of salt.When the water starts boiling add maida to it and cook it for 2-3 minutes over low flames stir continiously. Let it cool in room tempreture.Apply little bit oil in your palms & mash the dough nicely.
Divide this dough into 20 equal parts. Make katori shape by using your palms. Put the coconut stuffing in one & cover with another katori seal it from evey side. Heat oil and fry the kakara.serve hot.

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Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Pranati
chini kete nebi lekhina ta? Nadia kora-re kete Gurha debi? 2 cup pani nebi na 3 cup ( for 200 gam maida). I cant wait to make this one.
Bhala thiba

Pranati Nath said...

hi ushnish... mitha ta tuma upare depnd much u want...
stuffing : for 1 cup grated coconut u add 1/2 cup of grated jaggery/ sugar...

then for the pitha 2 1/2 cup pani naba then slowly add maida to the boiling water, hatare chk kariba jadi maida jantila bele dry heijiba aau 1/2 cup warm water deiki jantidaba...u hav to chk ki janta maida besi dry heinathiba ki besi sticky heinathiba...

eOdisha.Org said...

why dont u add in

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