Saturday, 14 May 2011

Watermelon juice

Watermelon pieces deseeded – 2 cups
Powdered Sugar – 2 Tbsp (Optional)
Pepper Powder – 1/4 tsp
Salt – Pinch
...Ice Cubes – 3-4
Grind all above the ingredients until you see a nicely blended liquid.transfer the juice to glass & serve the chilled juice.

Raw Green Mango Panna
5 raw firm green mangoes, peeled and de-seeded
10 cups water
10 tbsp sugar
½ tsp salt

...Boil 5 cups water with sugar to make a syrup and let it cool
In pressure cooker, boil the peeled and sliced mangoes with 5 cups water. When cool, grind in a mixie and strain the juice. Discard the pulp or use it in daal or any other curry which needs sourness.
Then mix the stained juice with salt and sugar syrup. Chill and serve with one or two mint leaves or chaat masala/zeera powder.
Dilute if required with cihlled water, depending upon taste.

Lime ginger juice:

◦handful of grapes
◦1 apple, cored and sliced
◦½ inch fresh ginger ◦1/2
◦1/4 lemon
◦ water
Remove the grapes from the stem. make a Juice of apple and ginger, then make a juice of the rest of the fruit. Pour the juice in a large glass and serve with ice.

Sunny Summer Smoothie –

Ingredients - 1 cup chopped ripe mango, 1 cup chopped deseeded watermelon, 1 cup fresh orange juice (canned juice is ok), 1 cup yogurt (hung curd), ice cubes. Method: Add everything to blender, and blend to smoothie. Serve in tall glass. Tip: I prefer adding two spoons of GluconD Regular to this drink while blending, it makes it more refreshing and energetic.


it is quick easy and healthy recipe..
8-10 big size soft plums
6-7 glass of water
sugar according to taste and depends on sweetness of plum teaspoon jeera powder
one teaspoon kala namak (rock salt)
wash and unseed the plum. put plum, sugar, salt and water in a bladder and mix it properly. Strain it through sieve. Now mix kala namak and jeera powder on it. Serve it with ice.

Fruit Milkshake

4 oz of orange juice
4 oz of grapefruit juice
4 oz of milk
1/2 oz of sugar
2 drops of Rooh  afza
blend it gently until it is all smooth. Pour the milkshake into a large stylish glass .

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