Tuesday, 12 July 2011


 It been a long time since I posted something in the Sweets category. When I thought about this, the first sweet item that popped into my mind was Hot nd karari jalebi....One of the most delicious  is the sugar dipped, beautiful and orange Jalebis. Heaven!! Bah…The unique shape and the lip smacking taste. I lyk it served at room temperature. it's somewhat chewy texture with the tinge of sour taste .Jalebi tastes the best if served hot or along with Ravdi.
Now lets prepare this melt-in-the-mouth sweety Make a quick note of the ingredients and the preparation method of this this mouthwatering dish.

2 cups of maida
1 ½  tbsp.  rice flour
¼ th tsp. baking powder
2 tbsp curd
11/4th cups warm water
1/2 tsp. saffron threads, roasted without oil and make powder
1 tsp cardamom  powder
1tbsp. rose water
3 cups sugar
2  cups water
Desi Ghee for frying  
Mix the flour, rice flour, baking powder, saffron powder,curd and 3/4th cup of the water in a bowl .Mix well with a whisk.Mix well and then add remaining water and whisk until smooth. Set aside for about 2-3 hours to fermentation.
 Prepare string syrup by dissolving sugar in the water. Just before the syrup is ready add saffron and cardamom powder.
Heat oil in a kadhai. Beatthe batter  thoroughly before use .Pour the batter in a steady stream (or coconut shell with a hole) into the kadhai to form coils. Make a few at a time. Deep fry them until they are golden and crisp all over but not brown. Remove from the kadhai and drain on kitchen paper and immerse in the syrup.
Leave for at least 4-5 minutes so that they soak the syrup.
Take them out of syrup and serve hot.

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EC said...

Thanks for the message leading me to ur blog...you have a nice collection of recipes, especially the non onion garlic ones...Jalebis are my all time favourite and I can have them any time of the day

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