Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Potato & pumpkin Bhaja (Kakharu allu bhaja) କଖାରୁ ଆଲୂ ଭଜ୍ଜା

Potato & pumpkin Bhaja is my mom's classic recipe. Its full of flavor. A very easy and must try recipe! 

 Now this is pumpkin season....lots of pumpkins r thr in the stores...found some funny pumpkins in a near by store.. these r real pumpkins but we cant eat them....these r only for decoration...
just hav a look...



 Potatoes  2-3large size (Wash peel & cut into long rectangle pieces as shown in pic )
Yellow Pumpkin / butternut squash- 200gm  (Wash peel & cut into long rectangle pieces as shown in pic)
pancha phutan -1tsp 
Red chillies 2
slit green chillies- 2 nos..
turmeric/ Haldi powder- 1tsp
veg oil/ Mustard Oil 2-3tsp
large Onion -  2 nos chopped
Salt as per the taste


Heat Oil on a kadhai. Add Mustard Oil. Add cumin/ mustard seeds let it crackle. Add red chillies.Then add chopped onions & saute it for 1 min.

Then add  the Potatoes.Stir continuously for 1 min. Then add the pumpkins, Add Salt and haldi powder.

cover it with a lid & cook the bhaja till 90% done. Remove the lid .Then stir the bhaja for another 2-3 minutes till the potato & pumpkins turns to  light brownish in color.. Your bhaja is ready. Goes well with hot parathas.

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