Monday, 5 November 2012

Spicy Egg Fry


Boiled Eggs  4 – remove the skin & cut in to 2 pieces
Green chilli- 2-3 chopped
Medium size Onion 3-4
Ginger- Garlic Paste 1 tsp
Cumin- coriander powder- 1tsp
Chilli Powder  1tsp
Turmeric powder ¼ tsp
Salt as per taste
Garam Masala: ½ tsp
Curry Leaves a hanful
coriander leaves chopped- 1tblsp
Oil- 1tblsp

Method :

Cut the hard boiled eggs into two.
Heat  oil in a pan. Add chopped onions, curry leaves & chopped green chillies. Sauté till they become soft. Add  ginger  garlic paste & sauté for 1-2 min.
 Add turmeric powder, chilli powder , cumin- coriander powder & garam masala. Mix well. Stir the masala till raw smell disappears from masala. Then add the cut boiled egg pieces and gently mix in everything together. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves. Serve hot with rice/ roti/ chapatti or any type of pullav.

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Teena Mary said...

This look really tasty! I love to have this with Chapati :)

Sravs said...

Egg Masala looks so tempting and wonderful !!

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