Saturday, 14 May 2011

Chilli Paneer

Chilli Paneer:
200 gm Paneer
½ cup corn flour
Soya sauce
1 tsp ginger garlic paste
¼ tsp ajinomoto
Capcicum 2nos- cut in to lagre cubes
Onoin-2 nos-cut in to large cubes
Chopped ginger & garlic- ½ cup
Cumin seeds
Chopped coriander
Spring onions for decoration
Cut the paneer into cubes.
Mix together  corn flr, salt, soya sauce 1tsp, ginger garlic paste & water to just coat the paneer pieces with the mixture.
Heat oil in apan.Fry the paneer pieces till it turns to golden in colour. keep paneer aside.
Add oil in kadai again.put cumin seets.let it crackle.add chopped ginger & garlic.stri it for some time. Add the onions   & capcicums . stir it till the capcicum  is half cooked.Then add salt soya sauce,vinegar-1tsp, ajinomoto & fried paneer cubes.Mix well.stir it for another 30 seconds.
Garnish with spring onions & chopped coriander leaves.

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Deva said...

Hi Pranati , Great work keep it up ....Even I enjoy cooking , and ofcourse to eat as well , but why are unfair to non-vegetarians ...please post some delicious non-veg items as well ....

Cheers !

Pranati Nath said...

thanks for the encouragement....It will come soon......:)

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