Saturday, 14 May 2011

dosa (Stuffed with Jaggery & cocunut)

2 cups rice
1 cup black gram
1 table spoon refined oil

For stuffing
Grated coconut- 2cup
Jaggery- 1 cup
illaichi-4-5 nos
blackpepper powder


Stuffing: mix coconut , Jaggery, iilaichi ,black pepper

Soak rice and black gram together in water for 4-5 hr. Grind rice and black gram to a fine paste. Add salt. Then add water to get a semiliquid batter. Keep it for one night.

 Heat tawa .Apply a litle oil on the tawa. Take the batter in a big spoon and spread the same on the tawa in a round shape. Turn the pitha upside down. Then place the jaggery stuffings in one side of the chakuli like dosa stuffigs & close the chakuli by using the laddle. Keep it like this for 10-15 seconds.Take the same out carefully.
Serve with dalama or coconut chutney or any type of bhaja.

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