Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Biri chop (urad daal bonda)

Biri chop (Chop means bonda )/ Urad daal bonda is a typical road side snacks of Odisha  made from mashed boiled potatoes with some spices, coated with urad dal batter ... In this chilled weather it is perfect to have with hot hot chai/ tea. A different & must try recipe..:)


White skin less Urad daal - 1 1/2 cup
2 tblsp rawa/ sooji
Potatoes- medium size 5-6 nos
2 tblsp oil 
Cumin-mustard seeds - 1tsp
Curry leaves a few
Chopped green chillies- 1tblsp
Chopped onions - 1/2 cup
 2-3 cloves of grated garlic 
1tblsp grated ginger 
Roasted peanuts - 2tblsp
Green peas- 1/4 cup
Crushed dried kasturi methi / fenugreek leaves- 1tsp
Chopped coriander leaves- 1 tblsp
Cumin seeds 1tsp- to add in the batter
chopped green chillies- 1tsp to add in the batter
sufficient oil for frying
salt as per the taste


  • Soak  urad daal for 3-4 hrs. Grind them with adding little water & make a thick batter. The batter should not be too much thick/ too much thin. keep the batter for 3-4 hrs for fermentation. 
  • Boil potatoes. 
  • Heat oil in a pan. Crackle cumin-mustard seeds. Add curry leaves, chopped green chilies
  • Then add chopped onions &  grated garlic & grated ginger to it. Saute it for 1-2 min till they becomes soft. 
  • Add peanuts & green peas. saute for 2-3 min till done.
  • Then add the boiled mashed potatoes & salt to it. 
  • Then add some crushed dried kasturi methi to it. Add chopped coriander leaves to it. Saute for 1-2 min & then switch off the flame.
  • Now make small small balls from that potato dough.
  • Now add rawa, salt, cumin seeds, chopped green chilies to the batter... Deep the prepared potato balls in the prepared urad daal batter & deep fry the bondas till the become golden brown in color. 
  • Your biri chop/ urad dal bondas are now ready to serve....Sprinkle some black salt to it & serve with tomato ketchup..

Yummy here it is....Vada, alloo Bonda & Biri chop.....we njoyed them with hot hot yellow peas/mutter curry...:) Join US if you also want to hav..:)

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Aruna Manikandan said...

crispy and delicious bonda :)

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