Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Cheesy Noodle cutlet

 Today's recipe is a simple, quick & delicious snack. Cutlet with a twist ie Noodle cutlet. Actually the truth is I never had this before. Thanks to one of my friend Nilu who prepared this cutlets on my husband’s birthday. When we took the 1st bite it was just yumm. The best cutlet I ever had. I was so impressed by that recipe that I had to try it out. When I asked her about the recipe she told me that she got the recipe from Mummy ka magic from youtube. I prepared this for evening snacks and it was a hit, the hubby just loved it…very nice way to use your leftover noodles into cutlets & moreover we can make it without potatoes. So those who are diabetic can enjoy this too... So here are the delightful cutlets.


1/4th cup green peas boiled
1/4th cup sweet corn boiled
2 tblsp gramflour (besan)
2 cups boiled noodles, soaked & drained
1tsp roasted cumin powder
1tsp garlic powder
1tsp chilli flakes
1 tsp garam masala
1/4tsp turmeric powder
2tblsp milk
½ cup grated cheese ( I used mozzarella & cheddar)
Breadcrumbs for coating
Oil to shallow fry
Salt to taste
Maggie masala- 1 small pouch


Take a large bowl. Add corn & green peas to it. Mast it properly with the help of your hands. Add boiled noodles to it & mast it. Again add 2tblsp gram flour to it. Mix it properly. Now add roasted cumin powder, Maggie masala, salt, chilli flakes, garam masala powder, turmeric powder, grated cheese to it.  Add 2tblsp milk & mash well.
Take 1 ½ cups bread crumbs in a plate. 
Divide the mixture into equal portions and shape them into balls and further press them lightly to make cutlets. Coat each cutlet evenly with bread crumbs.

Now heat 2-3 tblsp oil in a non-stick pan. Place these cutlets on the pan and shallow fry, turning sides, till they turn golden brown on both sides. Drain on absorbent paper. Transfer onto a serving plate and serve hot with tomato ketchup. 

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