Friday, 1 July 2011

Pakhala bhata

PAKHALA.......YUUMMY...I used to have this atleast 2/3 times in a week when i was a child....Now i m missing PAKHALA as I m staying out of Odisha. This is one of  the daily rice item in Odisha.  People in Odisha love to have Pakhala  at least once in a summer day ,which contains Boiled rice in Water , kept for atleast 3-4 hour. U can have Pakhala with any kind of bhaja, badhi chura, pakodas, Poda/ sijha allu chutney (boiled allu with chopped raw onion mashed with little bit mustard oil, salt & green chilly) , allu bharta, baigan poda ,saga bhaja, egg omlet, fish fry, kancha piyaja ( Raw Onion), Mixture, kata kakudi chakada (cucumber slices with salt with crushed garlic & hari mirch) etc. a true Odia will find heaven in this combination with pakhala bhata........
The water of the pakhala is called Torani is sipped with great relaxation.Those oriya people who are away from Odisha miss it very much. 

So without much ado lets start the recipe....


Cooked Rice 1 cup ( I have done it in boiled rice)
1-2 cups of water
Curry leaves
1 green chilly crushed
1” long ginger grated
1 cup curd
1-2tsp oil


1. Take  cooked rice in a big bowl, add water to it & Mix curd & grated ginger to the rice.
2. In a pan heat one tablespoon oil. Add curry leaves and green chillies to it.Then  put it to the mixture of rice. Serve it with any bhaja, bharta, badhi chura or aalu chutney.

sending this to the Rice event CWS - Rice hoasted by Kaarasaaram

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