Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Strawberry preserve

MMMMM! Tastes like a sweet, luscious, ripe strawberry melted in your mouth..Strawberries are cheap and plentiful in the summer, so why not take advantage of this by storing them.. How gorgeous is this photo? It makes me want to toast a slice of bread and dive right on in.


1 lb  Strawberries
1 lb Sugar
Juice of  ½  Lemon
2 tblsp water


First of all hull the strawberries and wipe each one with kitchen paper. 
Place a large pan over a low heat. Add the lemon juice to it. Then add the sugar & 2tblsp water. Cook all in a low flame. When sugar will start melting add the hull, sliced strawberries and allow strawberries to  boil slowly, stirring occasionally. Cook the mixture on med heat until the preserves thicken...this usually takes about 30-35 min.  Depends on how thick you want them to be.
Remove pan from the heat and skim off the foam that has formed...Ladle into ..air tight jars
that have been washed, dried and heated in a moderate oven for 5 minutes to sterilise. Seal immediately..Wait until the preserve is completely cold & keep them in refrigerator. 

Test if Preserve is done:

Chill a plate in the fridge. Take a spoon  of preserve & place on the cold plate.  Leave for about 1/2 min; run your finger through it; if it wrinkles, it has set, but if it runs down, you will need to boil for longer. 

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