Saturday, 14 May 2011

Besan tarkari

This is a famous authentic  oriya recipe u can find  in any marriage ceremony or any special occasions in odisha mostly in is so simple to make & delicious too...A friend asked me to make the recipe of besan curry that my mom makes. She remembers the taste of it since she had it at my place when we were teenagers. So i made this recipe one day @ my home  after enquiring with my mom. I asked her the ingredients & procedure..& believe me 1st time it waz perfect & my husband also liked it..this is my favourite dish & probably this is the only dish that I've cooked the maximum number of times friends without much ado lets start the recipe.....

·         Besan- 2cups
·         2 potatoes (Cut it in square shapes)
·         ½ tsp soda
·         1tsp Posta (Khus Khus)
·         2 Onion chopped
·         Ginger Garlic Paste 3 table spoon
·         Haldi 1 teaspoon
·         Red Chilli powder 3 teaspoon
·         Salt as per taste
·         Mustard oil to make curry
·          Refined oil for frying the besans & Potatoes
·         Cinnamon & Cardamom Powder  1 teaspoon
·         Cumin & Coriander powder 1 teaspoon each.
·         2 Tomato chopped
·         Chopped Coriander leaves
·         Heat two cups of water in kadai. Add salt & soda and let the water boil. Prepare dough by adding Besan to the boiling water.  Stir it continuously till you get a thick dough & add 1tsp posto at the end. Keep the dough in room temperature and knead it by adding one spoon oil to make it more soft, also the oil helps not to stick the besans in hands. Place the dough in a large thali.Flatten the dough (half inch thick) and cut it in square pieces (one square inch each).
·         Heat refined oil in a kadai. Fry the besan pieces till color changes to golden brown and keep it aside.
·         Then fry the potatoes till golden color & keep it aside.
·         Take a kadai, and put mustard oil in it. As soon as it starts heating up, put 1/2tsp of sugar in it so as to give a nice color. Add 1 pinch of ilaichi powder in oil.
·         Add chopped onion & fry it. when it will turn to golden brown texture, add the ginger garlic paste. Add tomato and fry for few minutes.
·         Add Cumin & coriander powder.stir continuously.
·         Add chilli powder, haldi. Keep on frying the masala for some more time until a reddish brown color is obtained.
·         Put the potatos in gravy, and then cook it for about 5 minutes with sufficient water. Now add the besans (& water as per the need) & keep stiring about another 5 min. don’t overcook the besans as it may break.
·         Add the Cardamom & cinnamon powder & mix it well & turn off gas. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.
·         Best when served with Rice or Parathas

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